High Output Power 450mW Red Laser Diode with Multi Transverse Mode


USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. (UOS), a global provider of optical devices, subsidiary company of USHIO INC., introduces HL63253MG, 637nm wavelength high output power 450mW red laser diode with multi transverse mode* for Information and Industrial applications.
Sample shipment will start in February and mass production will start in March in 2015.

The laser diodes which have features such as directivity, monochromaticity and a small size are suitable as light sources for various optical applications.
Especially the 630~640nm red laser is suitable for laser levelers, distance meters, positioning sensor and projector applications.
UOS has been supporting these markets with a broad product lineup of 630~640nm red ranging from a low output power of 5mW to a high output power of 700mW.
Now, UOS is introducing a high output power 450mW Red laser diode HL63253MG for those markets.

About the Product
1. Part Name: HL63253MG
2. Features:
① 637nm: visible red wavelength
② 450mW CW: high optical output power(Efficiency of power conversion*2 34%*3)
③ Multi transverse mode
④ In f5.6mm CAN: in Industrial standard can package

Suitable Application
Laser module
Light source for various equipments

*1 Multi transverse mode: The laser light mode which has multi peaks on the intensity profile.
*2 Efficiency of power conversion: Conversion efficiency from electricity to the light.
*3 Case temperature 25℃, Outputpower 450mW.


Item Test condition Typical value
Threshold current - 200mA
Operating current Po=450mW 600mA
Operating voltage Po=450mW 2.2V
Lasing wavelength Po=450mW 637nm
Parallel Po=450mW, FWHM 8.5°
Perpendicular Po=450mW, FWHM 34°

USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. provides optical devices such as laser diodes and light-emitting diodes, utilizing unique laser technologies and manufacturing expertise. The product line-ups cover a wide range including high power red laser diodes for displays, red multi-beam laser diodes for high-end multi-function office printers, red laser diodes for medical and measurement applications, violet laser diodes for exposure equipment and infrared emitting diodes for optical encoders.

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