USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS Introduces World-leading High Output Power 200mW Red Laser Diode for Show Laser System


USHIO OPTO SEMICONDUCTORS, INC. (UOS), a global provider of optical devices, subsidiary company of USHIO INC., introduces the HL63263DG, a world-leading*1638nm wavelength high output power 200mW red laser diode with single transverse mode*2 for show lasers and other systems that can utilize a high power single mode red laser.
Sample shipment will start in February and mass production will start April in 2015.

Recently, stage show entertainment systems using laser beam and laser projection becoming more popular which is expanding the worldwide demand for these systems. Our semiconductor laser diode is suitable as the light source for show laser systems because of its high efficiency, long life and small size.
In order to enable the show laser system to have high brightness the laser diode should have a high visibility short wavelength*3 along with high optical output power. A single transverse mode and high beam quality enable good coupling efficiency with optics in the show laser systems.
UOS has been supplying the show laser and other markets with our 170mW Red laser diode over last few years.
Now, UOS is introducing the 200mW Red laser diode HL63263DG for show laser market by optimizing the laser structure, active layers, facet coating and processes.

About the Product
1. Part Name: HL63263DG
2. Features:
① 638nm: visible red wavelength
② 200mW CW: high optical output power
③ Single transverse mode
④ Inf5.6mm CAN: in Industrial standard can package

Suitable Application
Show Laser system
Light source for various equipments

*1 As of Jan. 21th,2015, An in our investigation in 638nm Red laser diode with single transverse mode products.
*2 Single transverse mode: The lighting intensity profile from laser diode chip lases at a stable transverse mode with a single peak
     fitting to a Gaussian curve. It is good to couple a laser beam to small optics.
*3 Luminous sensitivity: it is brightness to human eye sensitivity. Luminous sensitivity of
    638nm is improved about 3 times than660nm.


Item Condition Typical value
Threshold current - 75mA
Operating current Po=200mW 280mA
Operating voltage Po=200mW 3.0V
Lasing wavelength Po=200mW 638nm



Parallel Po=200mW, FWHM 8.5°
Perpendicular Po=200mW, FWHM 14°

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