Release of High-Power Red Laser Diode for Laser Projectors
― Achieved World’s Highest Pulse Optical Output Power of 3.5W ―


Ushio Opto Semiconductors, Inc. (Head Office: Tokyo, Managing Executive Officer: Hiroaki Banno), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ushio Inc., will release a new red laser diode HL63520HD(638 nm) for laser projectors in April 2019 that achieves the world’s highest pulse optical output power*1 of 3.5W*2. The product will be exhibited at the company’s booth and a presentation will be given at the Photonics West 2019 to be held from February 5 (Tuesday) to 7 (Thursday) at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, U.S. The use of laser projectors is increasing due to the lower total cost of ownership achieved by a longer lifetime than that of conventional lamp projectors, the elimination of the need for lamp replacement required, and, in particular, the ability of laser projectors with a red laser diode incorporated into the light source*3 to efficiently achieve excellent color reproduction. However, projectors with a red laser diode have the following challenges.
(1) Require adequate cooling system since the optical output power and wavelength are sensitive to the temperature changes
(2) Need to use many lasers since the optical output power of a laser unit is low
As these challenges make the projectors larger in size and increase the manufacturing cost, the installation of red laser diodes has been limited to the high-end cinema projectors. Consequently, there is increasing demand from the market for enhancing the optical output power of laser units from the perspective of downsizing and cost reduction. To meet this demand, Ushio Opto Semiconductors, Inc. significantly improved the chip performance by increasing the efficiency to extract light from the chip and increasing the heat dissipation performance compared to the current product with a pulse optical output power of 2.5W released in 2017. The new product has higher optical output power and efficiency even in a high temperature environment, and achieved the world’s highest pulse optical output power of 3.5W while realizing a lifetime of 20,000 hours.


1. Achieved the world’s highest pulse optical output power of 3.5W and realized the MTTF*4 of over 20,000 hours.

The HL63520HD achieves a pulse optical output power of 3.5W in the operating temperature range from -10°C to 45°C. It also achieves a pulse optical output power of 2.5W at an operating temperature upper limit of 55°C. Thus, it will contribute to increasing the brightness of projectors and reducing the cost of projector light sources.

2. Achieved the world’s highest power conversion efficiency of 43%*5 which contributes to the simplification of the cooling system by reducing power consumption.

3. Achieved the world’s highest optical output power of 2.4W even in CW operation*6 and realized the MTTF of over 20,000 hours. It can be incorporated into projectors in both pulse and CW operation modes.

*1 Oscillation of optical output power at given repeated intervals.
*2 An internal investigation as of Jan.2019.
*3 Red assist laser phosphor projectors or RGB laser projectors.
*4 Abbreviation for Mean Time To Failure.
*5 Ratio of optical output power to input power at operating temperature of 25℃ during pulse operation.
*6 Continuous oscillation of given optical output power.



 Pulse optical output power  3.5W (Pulse period=120 Hz, duty=30%)
 CW optical output power  2.4W
 Emitter quantity  2
 Lasing wavelength  638nm
 Operating temperature  -10 to 55℃
 Package  9mm CAN package

(Operating temperature Tc=25℃) 


The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of USHIO INC., established in July 2014, which has taken over the LD business and the red, blue, and infrared laser diode business from Oclaro Japan, Inc. In July 2016, we integrated our business with USHIO Epitex who have been manufacturing and selling custom LEDs and photosensors. Currently, as a member of the USHIO Group, the company plays a central role in the business of optical semiconductors ranging from ultraviolet, through visible light, to the infrared area.


USHIO INC. (TSE: 6925)

Established in 1964, USHIO INC. (TOKYO: 6925) is a leading manufacturer of light sources such as lamps, lasers, and LEDs, in a broad range from ultraviolet to visible to infrared rays, as well as optical equipment and cinema-related products that incorporate these light sources. It also makes products in the electronics field (such as semiconductors, flat panel displays and electronic components) and in the visual imaging field (including digital projectors and lighting). Many of these products enjoy dominant market shares. In recent years, USHIO has undertaken business in the life science area, such as the medical and the environmental fields. See

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