USHIO’s custom-made Chip Technologies (①Design, ②Epitaxial Growth, & ③Device Process) and Packaging Technologies (①Optics Design, & ②Thermal Management) allow strong collaboration and support in product development with our customer from start to finish.

iRED (InfraRed Emitting Diodes)

With our iRED series, high output is achieved through the use of the unique domed-chip formation technology. An excellent beam shape is provided by precision lens (package) design technology, enabling a suitable product selection as the light source for NC machine tools, robots, ophthalmoscopes and position detection equipment.

  Optical and electrical Characteristics Absolute Maximum Rating  
Parts Number Wavelength
Optical Power
Spectral Width
Forward Voltage
Operating Temparature
Data Sheet PDF
typ. min. typ. typ.
HE8811 820 20 50 2.0 -20~60
HE8404SG 40 50 1.9 -20~60
HE8812SG 870 40 50 1.8 -20~60
HE8807SG 880 10 30 1.7 -20~85
HE8807FL 880 0.5★ 30 1.7 -20~85

★The optical power within 9 degrees of the acceptance angle.


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